League of Legends New Champion Milio

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League of Legends New Champion - Milio What We Know

Welcome to another in the AccountKings blog series! This week's article will be discussing the New LoL champion, Milio. This exciting new addition to the game has only been in play for a short time, but there is plenty to be said about his abilities and how he can benefit your gameplay. So, let's take a deep dive into the facts!

Milio in League, Who is He?

This Latin-inspired character nicknamed "The Gentle Flame" hails from the Lxtal region of Runeterra. He is the second League of Legends new Champion to do so. This fire-wielding hero is under immense pressure; he must reverse his family's exile from the Yun Tal. Not only does he have this looming over his shoulders, but he also has an incredible understanding of his power. Despite his young age, he has an excellent handle on his abilities. Milio also uses his fire axion to help those who cross his path on his journey, making him an excellent helping hand for any team.

Riot has been quoted as saying, "Milio uses his mastery of healing fire to create an eternal flame, which he keeps burning in his furnasita, a backpack of his own making," they also stated that he does not have any formal training, meaning his expression of the fire axiom is less rigid than those with more formal training. Additionally, the distance he is from home means that he imbues each of the fuemigos with traits of his family. Even going as far as integrating their personalities and speaking with them.

League of Legends Milio - What is His Role?

As League of Legends' new Champion, Milio has been introduced to the game as an Enchanter, perfect to fit the role of team support. His place will be within the game's bottom lane, helping his team take the win! So, let's take a look at the abilities that will help him do so.

Milo League of Legends Abilities


Fired Up: Upon touch, Milio enchants his teammates and his basic attacks and abilities for four seconds. Depending on the level of both Milio and the ally, their next attack will deal between 15-35% of their AD of Magic Damage. This attack will inflict between 25-80 damage burns, plus 20% of his AP of Magic Damage over a period of 1.5 seconds.

Skill Shot - Ultra Mega Fire Kick: This shot charges for 0.25 seconds, then allows Milio to kick a fireball, knocking back an enemy. This stuns them for one second before the ball launches upward in the original direction of fire. When it lands, there will be an explosion that deals between 90-270 plus 90% AP of Magic Damage. It also applies a flow of 40-60% plus 5% per AP that Milio has.

Once again, the degree of damage inflicted will vary depending on the level of Milio and allies. This move will cost 50-70 Mana and has a Cooldown of 12 seconds.


Cozy Campfire: This move allows Milio to create an empowerment zone that heals allies and provides them with increased attack range. This zone will follow the ally or allies closest to the cast point.

Milio throws a fuemigo, targeting either a location or an ally for 6 seconds. Any champion within the radius of attack will have between 10-20% base range attack increase and will also receive healing between 2.8-6 plus 0.6% of Milios AP.

This ability costs between 90-130 Mana depending on leveling and has a Cooldown time of 21-29 seconds, once again depending on the leveling of the ability.


Warm Hugs: Milio throws an ally a shield. This will temporarily increase their movement speed. He does so by covering them in flames that create a shield of between 60-140 plus 25% of his AP. This also grants a bonus movement speed of 15-25% for 2.5 seconds.

Warm Hugs is stackable to two charges, and the effects can also be stacked. It costs between 50-90 Mana, and the charge has a Cooldown of 18-24 seconds.


Breath of Life: Allows Milio to unleash a wave of soothing flames. These flames will heal and remove crowd control effects on any allies in range.

This move sees Milio explode into flames, healing himself and any ally champions in the AOA. This provides between 150-350 and +30% of Milio's AP, once again varying depending on the level.

All ally's within the area will additionally be cleansed. Removing any CC which is not airborne, eliminating stuns slows, and other inconveniences (though not removing knockbacks). Ally will also receive 65% Tenacity for a 3-second period.

The ability costs 100 Mana, and the Cooldown on this move is between 130-160 seconds.

What Runes Does League of Legends New Champion Milio Use?

The next part of this new League of Legends Champion, we will touch on the Runes best suited for LoL’s Milio. So, let's take a closer look.


Summon Aery: Every time you use a basic attack, ability, or item effect, Aery deals damage to the opponent based on your AP and AD.

This keystone can also be used when healing or shielding an ally. It will provide an additional shield (again, based on your AP and AD). Also, as Milio is shield-based, AERY will reinforce his shields.

Primary Runes

Manaflow Band: Provides extra Mana, a very beneficial Rune for Milio due to the high cost of his abilities.

Transcendence: This Rune massively depletes the Cooldown time of abilities, meaning you can better heal and protect your team.

Scorch: When dealing damage with your Q, Scorch sets the opponent on fire, dealing additional Magic Damage.

Secondary Runes

Bone Plating: This Rune sees you receive less damage from opponents' attacks. An ideal option for any support as you get the chance to remain with your ADC for longer.

Revitalize: Increases the power of your shields, working well with Summon Aery. Additionally, when used on heals and shields of allies below 40% of their max HP, they receive extra shield/heal.

LoL's New Champion Milio Best Build

The next segment of this new champion League of Legends guide will discuss the best build for Milio. So, let's get into it!

Mythic Items for Milio League of Legends

The first part of this League of Legends new Champion build will focus on the best mythic items to use when using Milio in League.

Shurelya's Battlesong: Because of Shurelya's active ability, you and nearby allies can gain a 30% Movement Speed bonus for 4 seconds. The Cooldown for this move is 75 seconds. Additionally, the passive ability will provide extra Movement Speed to all allies healed or shielded by you. This item is great for helping teammates in fights because it accompanies Milio’s E shield perfectly.

Moonstone Renewer: This mythic item heals every nearby ally if you're in play in combat. The renewer will also power up all shields applied to allies, making it an excellent choice when playing Milio.

Core Items for LoL's Milio

Ionian Boots of Lucidity: These make an excellent recommendation boots for Milio in LoL due to their ability haste and summoner spell haste. Meaning you can use it to cast your abilities more frequently.

Spellthief's Edge: Grants you Ability Power, thus increasing the amount of Shield given when you use your E and the healing supplied with W.

The Soellthief's Edge will also be used to grant the gold needed to continue purchasing items. Once you charge it by gaining 500 gold, it will upgrade and become the Frostfang. Following this, if you acquire another 500 gold, you receive the Shard of True Ice, in turn providing AP and Mana regeneration. This is an excellent item for one of League of Legends' new Champions like Milio because he has a low Mana in the beginning.

Ardent Censer: This item increased the power of healings and shielding, as well as increased Attack Speed dealt by anyone you supplied with a shield (you will also receive a buff to your Attack Speed).

Redemption: A common Support item due to the excellent Active it possesses. This Active heals all allies in an area and can be used even in death. As well as this, your heals and shields will receive a power-up.

Milio's Situational Items

Chemtech Putrifier: when facing a healer such as Sorake, this item will come in handy. If you deal damage to an enemy Champion, you inflict Grievous Wounds for 3 seconds. Alongside this, the item can be used to power up heals and shields.

Staff of Flowing Water: This Situational item allows you to deal a little more damage when healing or shielding an ally by increasing AP.

Summoner Spells for League of Legends Milio

Now that we have covered League of Legends' new Champion, Milios move sets, let's take a look into the Summoner Spells to utilize when playing this support character.

Milio in LoL is a chameleon of sorts, able to adapt any summoner spell. His flexibility regarding spells is due to his move sets, which are beaming with utilities. We have compiled a list of the spells and the best ways to use them when using Milio.


Unless you're using a high-mobility-based champion (which this League of Legends new Champion is not), Flash is an essential spell. It can be used to help avoid engagement in team fights or can assist in providing the final blow to opponents. Since Milio doesn't rely heavily on

high mobility, make sure Flash is on the cards in battle.


If your ADC uses Ignite, Heal is heavily recommended. Using Heal will give some additional sustenance in battle to both yourself and ADC.


When facing someone with heal-based support, such as Soraka, Ignite can be a literal lifesaver for Milio in League. The burns sustained from the use of Ignite cut the healings received by half.


When taking on an ADC with high mobility or that deals high damage without true damage, Exhaust can be rather beneficial. This spell reduces the damage dealt by a target, providing you with the opportunity to keep the battle going.


If the opposing team has heavy CC threats, Cleanse can be an excellent help. This spell removes all disables, excluding Airborne Nearsighted and Suppression. It also has the same effect on summoner spell rebuffs affecting your Champion, all except Mark.

This spell also grants 65% tenacity for 3 seconds.

How To Play League of Legends New Champion Milio?

We've touched on this new LoL champion's move sets and summoner spells, so now let's take a look at how to use them in-game and when.

The Early Stages

In the beginning, stick with ADC, as Milio is not tanky. Because of this, roaming through other lines isn't recommended the way it is with Leona or Nautilus. Focus on leveling your E before anything else so that you can shield your ADC as quickly as possible.

If you're taken down (ganked), use your Q to knock the opposing jungler back. This should give you enough time to run or reposition yourself for battle.

If your ADC is getting CC'd, use your R, and if needed, you can boostADC’s movement speed with E.

The Midway Mark

At this stage, your ADC might want to head to the other lanes; if so, you can follow. Your main priority is getting your ADC to a powerful state as quickly as possible.

If they're still standing, you're doing good.

End Game

At this point, you should be able to leave your ADC, provided you are positive they're not vulnerable. Remember, Milio can't go it alone, so stick close to a champion that's beneficial to the battle. You can work with them to take your opponent down.

League of Legends New Champion - Milio Conclusion

We think it's safe to say that Milio is an exciting and useful new addition to League of Legends! This young hero's ambition, abilities, and diversity makes for an excellent support Champion for any team. We heavily recommend putting this guy in play and seeing for yourself how awesome he truly is.

We are hopeful that your LoL endeavors are bountiful and that our guide has provided you with the needed information to thoroughly utilize this character and take the win! If you're looking for more on League of Legends, check out our latest LoL article here; for other gaming reads, take a look at our entire blog section here. Finally, we hope to see you for our next issue within the AccountKings blog series!

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