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Guide to Lisa Genshin Impact 3.0

Posted 1 month ago

Lisa from Genshin Impact is a starter Character, meaning everyone who plays Genshin impacts Lisa. Starter characters are famed for being "okayish" and not really used by any good players. This has always been the case for Lisa - she is a decent character but has never quite been able to dig her heels into the meta. However, things might have changed drastically with the new Dendro update. She now has a massive power spike in terms of raw power, versatility, and flexibility. Therefore, she might be considered a fair character to start building, especially since she has now been released with the new gear, which, with the introduction of Someru, plays up to her strongest playstyles.

This guide will help you develop Lisa into a strong and useful character on your account. If you are wondering who Lisa is in Genshin Impact and how to use her, this guide is for you. We will go through the details of her kit, constellations, weapons, artifacts, and all the crazy new things she can do with the Dendro teams.

Lisa Genshin Impact Kit

Let's start by talking about Lisa's Attack Talent. You need to understand this if you want the best Lisa Genship Impact build. It has one of the fastest attack animations of any typical catalyst user. Even though the scaling on her normal attacks is quite low, her charged attack has some of the highest scaling of any catalyst in the game. There are some play styles that Lisa can fit into using this and her normal attacks, although they usually just act as a driver for other abilities, such as Fischl's OZ, or as a trigger for hyper-bloom damage.

Next, let's talk about Lisa's elemental skills. Her charge attacks can apply conductive stacks onto enemies, which help to charge up the scaling on this elemental skill. Lisa's elemental skill has two parts: The press and the hold version. If you press it, Lisa will launch an electro orb that slowly zooms towards enemies. It will then deal a little electro damage and apply one conductive stack to the enemy hit if you have the first ascension passive. When you use the old version, Lisa takes a few seconds to charge up and then strikes every enemy near her with severe electro damage, which is higher for enemies with more conductive stacks on them - which you can build up with the press skill.

Lisa Genshin Impact Constellations

Now we can move on to discussing Lisa's constellations, which are actually not that bad. How much you care about this depends on your dedication to Lisa because you can buy her constellations using star glitter.

For Lisa's first constellation, Infinite circuit, she regenerates two energy for every opponent hit while holding Violet Arc. This may offer some relief from her heavy energy restraints. But this depends heavily on how many enemies you hit using Violet Arc, her hold E skill. This is a decent constellation overall, but definitely no selling point.

The electromagnetic field in Lisa's second constellation is more useful as it makes it much harder for Lisa to be interrupted while she is charging up her hold skill, which is arguably the most useful. This also means that she can more comfortably run around without shielders, making for a more aggressive Lisa build.

Lisa Genshin Impact Artifacts

With the introduction of Dendro, many electro characters have gained access to many sets that would have traditionally not been that good for them, but the tables have turned. This also applies to Lisa, of course - one of these sets is a four-piece Gilded Dreams. This set is good for electro characters for stacking large amounts of EM, so they can spam aggravate and hyper-bloom reactions for more damage per second. It is important to note that the four-piece passive is a conditional passive, so it does not have 100% uptime.

Another one of the best artifacts for Lisa worth talking about is Thundersoother - it has the highest damage potential of any artifact. This is true for most electro characters, depending on how large the uptime for your 4-piece passive is. Lisa will constantly benefit from her 35% damage bonus in aggravating teams. This is very important because the aggravate damage scales with external damage bonuses like these.

The last artifact worth an honorable mention is 4pc Thundering Fury - which before used to be quite useless. But now, it provides a bonus to the calculator of aggravate damage, making it more desirable. This has allowed it to shoot up to become competitive with Lisa's other 4pc sets. Since it is a 4pc set, it will be more difficult to roll a good stat spread. However, it makes up for this with its strength.

Lisa Genshin Impact Best Weapons

It is essential to use the best weapons for Lisa to get a good build. Lisa actually has a few surprisingly good weapons that are also free-to-play; one of these includes Kagura's Verity. The weapon provides excellent stats regarding Lisa's character - High Base ATK, high critical damage bonus, and the passive, which is very easy to maximize.

Another great weapon that Lisa Genshin Impact possesses is the Skyward Atlas. This is a very good weapon since it drastically improves Lisa's base attacks and bonus damage.

The best part about this weapon is the unconditional bonus that it adds to the elemental attack's damage – allowing you to take advantage of it and crush your enemies. It's also compatible with Kagura's Verity, making these two weapons a powerhouse for Lisa.

Closing off

There you have it - even though Genshin Impact Lisa has been traditionally viewed as a mellow and quite undesirable character (probably because she is a starter character), this new update has drastically increased her value to the point where she could seriously be considered to use competitively.

She can be a powerhouse on the battlefield if you rotate properly while using her best weapons, artifacts, and constellations.

Be sure to try out these combinations and build the best Lisa kit for you. It is also always beneficial to play with some good friends who will provide support, in terms of shielding or bruising, so that you can maximize all that Lisa has to offer. Now you know how to build Lisa Genshin impact with the best attributes.

We hope this guide has helped you on your Genshin Impact journey - Good luck!

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