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Posted 1 year ago

Why buy an Old School RuneScape Account?

Should you buy an Old School RuneScape account you will have endless opportunities. In Old School RuneScape, you can not experience the entire game without having multiple different accounts: you have your main account which is all excellent, but you're still missing out on the exciting PvP world and Ironman account doing end-game content. You can expand on this: you can purchase an account and use it to generate money for you as an alt, for example doing Vorkath or God Wars Dungeon, and use it to fund your main account.

Now, as we're sure you'll realize, it is far easier to buy OSRS Accounts to jump directly to the content you actually want. This is because there's tons of different PVP builds that have constraints such as having 1 defense (which completely limits training options), and many different alternate accounts you may be interested in buying. This means hours upon hours upon HOURS of tedious grinding for you to overcome, being mundane and tedious is one thing - and the other thing? It's all the same, all repetitive. Thus, by buying an Old School RuneScape account, you will have lost out on nothing from the experience of the account by having an account that has skipped the tedious grind for you.

If you don't want an alternate account, you can also purchase an account to use as your Main, having skipped the low-level boring content and jump straight to the end-game content that is the thing most people actually enjoy: Raids and Bossing. From this, you can jump into clans and play with friends which are doing the end-game content. Simply, you can't do Raids efficiently with 60 base stats and neither can you do the best moneymakers like Vorkath without having 200 quest points. By purchasing the correct account from us (you choose what account you want to buy based upon your needs), you have the opportunity to skip all the boring questing and the mundane grind.

Won't I enjoy the game more if I build everything from scratch?

As answered above, this is not the case with thousands of our previous customers. The reason is on Old School RuneScape, most people do not enjoy the grind. They enjoy the content they actually 'unlock' from the grind, such as PVP with different builds and the variety of bosses/end-game PvE content such as Raids 2 and Inferno. Buy 2007Scape Accounts and you get to do what you actually enjoy, rather than spend hours doing what you don't enjoy just to get to the same point as if you buy Old School RuneScape accounts.

Why purchase from Are there any risks?

If you choose to buy an Old School RuneScape account from, you can rest assured with our Refund Policy and Buyer Insurance, with the additional benefit of our 24/7 support. Our accounts are delivered instantly and our sellers are vetted extensively and this means the chance of recovery is very low. If you buy OSRS accounts from other sources, you're at further risk of account recoveries, it is a common scam on websites like Sythe to sell accounts extremely cheap, with people saying they are quitting, only to recover your account that you have played on around a month later, or even years later. That's why we chose to establish, to act as the middleman and help buyers and sellers in the industry alike, and make sure everyone comes out happy!

Have any questions? Feel free to contact our 24/7 support or navigate to the following webpage and buy an account today!

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