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OSRS Bounty Hunter

Posted 10 months ago
OSRS Bounty Hunter

OSRS bounty hunter history

Bounty Hunter (known as BH in OSRS) is a player killing minigame located in the Wilderness. In addition, the Bounty Hunter world rotates between worlds 318 (UK) and 319 (USA) every two weeks to give players on different continents better ping.

OSRS bounty hunter was removed several months ago for bug abuse and emblem farming which Jagex failed to stop. After multiple videos from popular youtubers such as Sirpugger, Torvesta and more; the issue became highly publicized that billions of OSRS gold was being generated though OSRS emblem farming abuse. After Jagex attempted to crack down on emblem farmers in an attempt to staunch the flow of the abuse and failed; they decided to remove OSRS bounty hunter in its entirety.

What is happening with OSRS bounty hunter

After several months of drafting, discussions and testing; Jagex has announced that OSRS bounty hunter will be returning to the game in April 2020. This represents a dramatic time for the Jagex team as a whole with the effect of Coronavirus being felt all across the globe. Jagex has been under fire this past year for their utter lack of PvP content and pushing PvP to an almost mini-game like aspect of the game; this has upset many notable streamers, youtubers and people within the OSRS PvP community. With the new release of OSRS bounty hunter Jagex hopes to reaffirm their commitment to the OSRS PvP scene while being able to reduce abuse. So far details of what they intend to do to combat abuse are murky but one thing is certain; if Jagex gets the release of OSRS bounty hunter wrong; it will have massive long-lasting ramification; if they get it right; they can show the community they truly are working on the PvP scene properly.

OSRS pking accounts

If your excited for the return of Bounty hunter and want to be able to expereince it in all it's glory; Accountkings has a wide variety of PvP OSRS accounts that you can purchase and enjoy OSRS bounty hunter to the maximum; these accounts can be found at:

You can read more about OSRS bounty hunter and its upcoming release date on the OSRS news page here:

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