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OSRS Runecrafting guide

Posted 11 months ago by Mayra
OSRS Runecrafting guide

OSRS Runecrafting Guide

Runecrafting, known to be one of the more tedious and slower-paced skills in Oldschool Runescape, is also one of the most lucrative skills to train. Although it can take some time to level up, even at an early level, Runecrafting is quickly profitable and progresses to be one of the highest skill-based methods of money-making. In this OSRS Runecrafting Guide, we’ll go over the main methods of training Runecrafting and some Tips & Tricks to make Runecrafting more convenient and enjoyable to train." style="width: 403px;" class="fr-fic fr-dib">

Preparing for Runecrafting

Before we dig deeper into some of the methods of training Runecrafting, there are a few essential preparations that every player should make before training Runecrafting. Note that to unlock Runecrafting at all, you must complete the Novice Quest;">Rune Mysteries.


The first of these is to level up your Agility. As Runecrafting is a skill that usually requires a lot of running back and forth from banks and altars, it is a huge convenience factor to have a good Agility level. It is recommended to have 70+ Agility before training Runecrafting, as this will ensure that your character has an easier time running and allows you to unlock the Graceful clothing. 

Weight-Reducing Equipment 

Again, with there being a lot of running around in Runecrafting, you will be able to enjoy the methods in this OSRS Runecrafting Guide much more if you have plenty of weight-reducing equipment to use. Boots of Lightness are available to anybody, a spotted cape only requires a low Hunter level, and the best outfit you can aim for here is the Graceful outfit. You’re going to want a fair Agility level anyway, so acquiring the Graceful outfit is an excellent goal to set. Always being below 0KG weight in the game ensures your run-speed drains at the lowest rate, meaning you can run for longer without needing to stop or use as many potions. 

Rune Pouches 

After the Abyss miniquest, you will receive your first">">">Rune Pouch. However, the Small Rune Pouch can only hold three essences. You can acquire the other pouches by defeating the Abyssal Creatures in the Abyss. There are three more Rune Pouches to gather. You do need a set Runecrafting level to use each, but you do not need the Runecrafting level to acquire them. This means you can get all the pouches at once, and they’ll be in the bank ready to use once you hit the level.

● Small Pouch - 1 Runecrafting - 3 Essence 

● Medium Pouch - 25 Runecrafting - 6 Essence 

● Large Pouch - 50 Runecrafting - 9 Essence 

● Giant Pouch - 75 Runecrafting - 12 Essence" style="width: 600px;" class="fr-fic fr-dib">

Runecrafting Supplies 

Most methods in this OSRS Runecrafting Guide will require you to use Pure Essence; it’s reasonably cheap to buy in bulk and worth doing so for those long Runecrafting sessions.">Stamina Potions are the supply that really makes the difference. For every method that requires you to run, you should be using Stamina Potions. They may seem expensive, but they pay for themselves with how much they speed up and add convenience compared to regular energy potions. Stamina Potions indeed are a Runecrafter’s best friend.

Quests for Runecrafting Experience 

There are several quests that every Runecrafter should complete. These reward Runecrafting experience, and as lower levels are the slowest and most tedious to train, these quests should be completed as soon as you possibly can in your early training. You will find this OSRS Runecrafting Guide much more optimal if you complete these.

● Enter the Abyss (miniquest)

Requires 1 Runecrafting - Awards 1,000 XP 

● The Slug Menace 

Requires 30 Runcrafting - Awards 3,500 XP 

 Devious Minds 

Requires 50 Runecrafting - Awards 5,000 XP 

● Lunar Diplomacy 

Requires 1 Runecrafting - Awards 5,000 XP 

● The Eyes of Glouphrie 

Requires 1 Runecrafting - Awards 6,000 XP 

● What Lies Below 

Requires 35 Runecrafting - Awards 8,000 XP" style="width: 701px;" class="fr-fic fr-dib">

Runecrafting Speed and Profit

You’ll find with Runecrafting that you either gain faster experience but spend money or lower experience but earn money. As most of the lower-level moneymaking methods are also lower profit, you may want to mix the following methods. In this Oldschool Runecrafting Guide, there’ll be two pathways; Speed and Profitability.

OSRS Runecrafting Guide (Speed Methods)

For this section of the guide, we will look at methods focused on achieving higher experience rates at the lowest levels possible. These methods usually cost money, but Runecrafting can be worth powering through to get to the more lucrative ways faster. 

1-50 Runecrafting: Earth Tiaras 

Losing roughly 4-5M Gold in the process, you can expect to receive around 40-50K experience per hour crafting Earth Tiaras. This method is relatively simple. You can use,using%20a%20scroll%20to%20teleport.">Lumber Yard teleports for fast access to the Earth Altar and Duelling Rings for Castle Wars teleporting as your banking method. If you want to save some money on the Lumber Yard teleports, considering completing the Enlightened Journey quests to utilize the Balloon teleportation methods. Fill your Inventory half with Tiaras, half with Earth Talismans, take them to the Earth Altar, use the Talisman on the Altar, create them all and teleport back to Castle Wars to bank and repeat. 

50-99 Runecrafting: Lava Runes 

Spending around 10M+ in the process, the fastest Runecrafting method available for Solo Runecrafting is Lava Runes. A reasonably tedious method requiring the completion of Lunar Diplomacy, 82+ Magic, and a lot of intensive clicking is a high effort but high experience reward of 50-70K experience per hour. You will need Binding Necklaces, Duelling Rings, Fire Runes, and Pure Essence for this method. Teleport to the Duel Arena, run to the Fire Altar, Cast Magic Imbue, use your Fire Runes on the Altar, Teleport to Castle Wars to the bank, and repeat.

OSRS Runecrafting Guide (Profit Methods)

There are many ways to make a profit with Runecrafting; in this guide, we’ll look at a couple of less tedious methods as well as the most lucrative methods available. 

1+ Runecrafting: Ourania Altar (200-300K/H) 

Although you could start crafting at the Ourania (ZMI) Altar at level 1 Runecrafting, it would be advised to have at least 25+. The altar works in that you receive random runes but bonus experience for each compared to the normal altars. Due to this, the higher Runecrafting level you have, the more chance you have of creating higher leveled runes, resulting in more experience and profit. For this method, you will need">Lunar Diplomacy complete. Without the Orania Teleport, the method becomes a lot less viable. 

77-99 Runecrafting: Zeah Runecrafting (300-500K/H) 

There are much more profitable methods of Runecrafting, as you will see, but what Zeah Runecrafting offers is the ability to AFK while mining the untradeable Dense Essence required. Zeah Runecrafting is also reasonable in terms of experience per hour, too, at 35-50K/H. For Zeah Runecrafting, you will require 100% Arceuus Favour and a strongly recommended 73 Agility for the convenient shortcut. You will only require weight-reducing armor, a pickaxe, and a chisel for this method, as you must mine your own untradeable essence to craft these runes. Blood Runes are more profitable and require 77 Runecrafting. Soul Runes require 90 Runecrafting, resulting in a higher experience per hour but are less profitable. 

44-99 Runecrafting: Abyss Runecrafting 

The Abyss offers teleports to most of the Rune Altars. Due to this, it is a very convenient method to train for profit. For this method, you will require">Amulets of Glory, Pure Essence, and a Pickaxe. It is also recommended to have 50+ Agility and Mining. This method requires you to run from Edgeville Bank to the Wilderness, using the Zamorak Mage to teleport to the Abyss. Access the center circle through one of the obstacles, go through the relevant portal, and craft your runes. 

● Nature Runes - 44 Runecrafting - 300-500K/H 

● Double Cosmic Runes - 59 Runecrafting - 400-700K/H 

● Death Runes - 65 Runecrafting - 500-800K/H 

● Double Nature Runes - 91 Runecrafting - 1200-1400K/H 

● Double Death Runes - 99 Runecrafting - 1200-1400K/H" style="width: 573px;" class="fr-fic fr-dib">


As said in the beginning; There are many ways to train Runecrafting. We hope this OSRS Runecrafting Guide has helped show you some methods of Runecrafting, what you’ll require and what you can expect to achieve. Good luck with your Runecrafting, and enjoy making all those Runes!" style="width: 393px;" class="fr-fic fr-dib">

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