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OSRS Woodcutting Guide

Posted 3 months ago by ouwy
OSRS Woodcutting Guide

OSRS Woodcutting Guide

Although a free-to-play skill, this method will focus on a member’s woodcutting guide for

OSRS. Woodcutting is a simple skill that doesn’t have much variation or requirements. You

need an Axe and some patience. This OSRS Woodcutting Guide will give you the best

step-by-step methods for experience as money-making methods are abundant far superior

to Woodcutting. Consider any profit made as a passive bonus.

Woodcutting Equipment

There really aren’t that many requirements for Woodcutting. All you really need is an axe. As

you get to higher levels, your options for Axes expand depending on your needs. The only

clothing directly related to the Woodcutting bonus is the Lumberjack Outfit.

Dragon Axe

The Dragon Axe, requiring 61 Woodcutting to use, has a Special Attack that

temporarily boosts your Woodcutting by +3. The Dragon Axe is inexpensive and

should be used as soon as possible.

Crystal Axe

Utilizing crystal charges, this axe has the largest increase in efficiency for chopping

logs, putting it approximately 5% faster than a Dragon Axe. It also requires level 71

Woodcutting to use. Requirements for gaining the untradeable Crystal Axe including

completing the Song of the Elves quest and gathering enough crystal shards to both

create (120) and upkeep (100/10,000 charges).

Infernal Axe

Create by combining a Smoudering Stone with a Dragon Axe; the Infernal Axe

requires 61 Woodcutting and level 85 Firemaking to make and use. The Axe has

5000 charges that, when used, burn the acquired log for passive Firemaking

experience. The chance of burning a cut log is


Lumberjack Outfit

Acquired from the Temple Trekking minigame, the complete outfit gives a 2.5%

bonus to experience when woodcutting. Timewise, it is worth getting the outfit for 99

Woodcutting as it can be obtained in under an hour using efficient methods.

OSRS Fastest Woodcutting Methods

Now we get to the fun part of the OSRS Woodcutting Guide, the step by step methods that

are most efficient for Woodcutting training. Note that for all of these methods, it is expected

that for speed and efficiency, you will be dropping the logs you receive.

Levels 1-26 Woodcutting (Quests)

The most efficient way to level Woodcutting early on is utilizing quests that offer Woodcutting

experience. These quests are; Monk’s Friend, Enlightened Journey, Icthlarin’s Little Helper,

and Scratch Uglogwee’s Subquest.

Optional: If you don’t want to quest, you can train Woodcutting by chopping regular trees for

levels 1 through 15.

Levels 15-30 Woodcutting (Oak Trees)

At level 15, you are able to cut Oak Trees found across Gielinor. Just under 300 Oak Logs

chopped are required to reach 30 Woodcutting.

Levels 30-35 Woodcutting (Willow Trees)

At level 30, you are able to cut Willow Trees. There’s no real best place for these; just find a

world without competition. Cutting only 134 Willow Logs brings you to level 35 Woodcutting.

Levels 35-99 Woodcutting (Teak Trees)

It is important to note that for Teak Trees to be the most efficient up to the level of 99, some

use of tick manipulation methods will be required. There are three main ways of chopping

Teak Trees: Regular, 2-tick, and 1.5-tick Woodcutting.

Regular Teaks (Any Location)

With no use of tick-manipulation methods, you can expect regular Teak chopping

experience rates to start at around 35,000 experience per hour, increasing to

approximately 65,000 experience per hour at 61+ with a Dragon Axe.

2-Tick Teaks (Ape Atoll or Priffdinas)

The 2-tick method of cutting Teaks is deserving of an OSRS Woodcutting Guide of its

own. Manipulating ticks to results in faster chopping of the logs results in significant

gains in experience per hour. The concept is to set up two low-level NPCs to be

attacking you alternately between these attacks clicking the ground to cancel the

animation, and then the tree results in a 2-tick action of chopping. You can expect to

be able to maintain an experience rate of 170K+ per hour regularly with this method,

reaching 185K+ at full focus and higher levels.

1.5-Tick Teaks (Fossil Island)

Chopping your own planted Teak Trees through this method is the most tedious

method of Woodcutting available. It requires a significant amount of click intensity

and constant movement. Using a three tick method such as herb+tar to start the

cycle as well as the bonus of 2 logs chopped at once due to how farming patches

work, this method is effectively a 1.5-tick method. Again, a guide of its own on

1.5-tick Teaks would be more sufficient for understanding. With this method, you can

achieve 200-220K experience per hour once you’ve practiced enough to maintain

such rates.

Levels 90-99 Woodcutting (Redwood Trees)

Although a much lower experience rate per hour than Teak Trees, when classed as a

‘zero-time’ method, Redwoods are actually fantastic experience considering their ease. Zero

time methods mean training methods that can be done when you would otherwise not be

playing. For example, you can easily chop Redwoods while studying, working, or on OSRS

Mobile as you do your other daily life tasks. A Dragon Axe is sufficient for Redwoods, giving

you up to 65K experience per hour. With a Crystal Axe, you can reach experience of 75-80K

per hour. Redwoods are also ideal for utilizing the Infernal Axe, especially if continuing past

level 99 Woodcutting.

Get Chopping!

Hopefully, this OSRS Woodcutting Guide has shown you the best ways to reach your goals

in the Woodcutting skill. It is unfortunate that Woodcutting is no longer has notable

profitability methods, such as back in the day when 100K Gold in an hour was striking. If you

feel you want to hit that nostalgia, though, go ahead and chop some Magic Trees, just for the

fun of it!

Good luck with your Woodcutting gains!

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