Reyna Valorant: The Real Empress

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Training to become the best player in Valorant will require mastering different agents, and one of the most beloved for the community is Reyna. The 11th healer-type agent was added to the game and is commonly known as the Empress. She’s not a complicated agent to play, yet rewarding for her combos and versatility to solo carry games; not to mention her combo is one of the strongest for highly mechanical players. Reyna in Valorant can escape or recover health or armor after each kill, making her a challenging opponent but a great ally during matches. Let's break down all of Reyna’s strengths and weaknesses.

Valorant Reyna: Abilities

You must wonder What does Reyna do in Valorant? You will rely on her kit since Reyna’s abilities help you when planting the Spike or in your labor of attacking when you need to. So, let’s talk about her kit:

Soul Harvest - Passive

A big part of Reyna is her passive; it allows you to use the Q and E. Every time an enemy agent to whom Reyna deals damage dies within 3 seconds, they will drop a Soul Orb at the location of their death that will remain there for 3 seconds. When Reyna gets an orb, she can use Devour or Dismiss to consume it.

Leer - C

This is a signature ability of Reyna. She has an orb “flash” or an eye that floats in the air that will inflict Nearsight on any enemies who look at the eye. This ability can go through walls in a short distance, granting you an advantage to set up a larger room you want to take easily. The cost of the ability is 200 credits, and you can purchase two per match.

Devour - Q

This is one of the Valorant Reyna Buff abilities that will work effectively in combat. The Devour allows you to heal yourself using the soul orbs dropped from your enemies; in other words, after you kill an enemy agent, Reyna will instantly consume their soul to heal for 4 seconds, or the time the enemy’s body falls on the floor, granting a 100% life back.

This ability will give you a boost every time you consume souls; the more souls you get, the faster the healing for Reyna. If for instance, you get a double kill, this will take you from low health to topping you again to return to an aggressive play style. This ability costs 100 credits.

Dismiss - E

Reyna likes to play with the souls of her enemies, and every time you kill an enemy, Dismiss allows her to become invisible for 4 seconds to make her able to reposition or re-engage with enemies. You will see an animation following a countdown; this is a powerful ability since you can easily avoid Molotovs and venom without taking any damage. However, there’s a downside since you can’t fire while using this ability, and the short time will only help you rotate and find a better spot to continue with the match.

Empress - X

Reyna’s Valorant Ultimate, Empress, is her most potent ability and one to fear from all the agents. You will enter a frenzy state, gaming Combat Stim that will increase fire rate by 15%, equip speed by 25%, and reload speed by 25% also. Moreover, you will gain infinite charges in the Soul Harvest abilities. When you kill an agent using her ultimate or they die within 3 seconds after receiving damage from Reyna, the duration of Empress will renew. This ability costs 6 points and has a duration of 30 seconds.

How To Play Reyna In Valorant: Tips and Tricks

Once you know the basics of Reyna, her kit and how she works in-game, it’s essential to understand how to be aggressive or when it’s time to retreat for a new rotation. In any case, you will find why Reyna is the best solo queue carry, and with some tips, you should be able to master her and rank without any worries.

One of the key points of using Reyna is always being ready to use Dismiss. This will be your ticket to escape from most situations. You must use Dismiss quickly; this will save you from losing a duel with another agent on time and allow you to recover and reposition. There’s no point in just waiting to use it; try to spam it most of the time to gain mobility and time to think about your next move.

Another way to play Reyna is to understand she’s great at playing with the angles, and you can be there and take advantage without sacrificing your position. Moreover, you can become aggressive with Reyna using angles or being in the open, as Dismiss allows you to literally hide in plain sight. Don’t forget you will need to kill enemies to be able to use this tactic, so beware of your movements before taking the risk.

Using Leer is a must to enter a fight since you can throw it away from your position, giving you an easy way to cover some blind spots or to force the enemy team into a position that will benefit you. Reyna in Valorant can divide the attention using Leer, giving you and your team extra seconds to act against the enemy agents since they will need to destroy Leer before focusing on you.

You should avoid peaking at enemies while using Devour since the enemies can see the life drain between you and the orb. They can track your location when you use it, so beware of this when using Devour. Another great tip you can follow is, before using Devour, see if the enemy is trying to trade; in that case, you can use Dismiss to reposition to a safe location. If you attempt to use your ultimate, purchase a Vandal instead of a Phantom. The Phantom will increase the fire rate, which will make it hard to spray control and difficult to tap.

Reyna’s kit makes her a great agent for those players who prefer an aggressive play style, but she can be sneaky when needed and use her kit to escape or support solo engagements to maintain health and position while using Leer to blind opponents. You must adapt your style to find a balance for this aggressive agent. Her unique abilities will overcome most situations and carry a full match in the right hands.

Reyna Valorant FAQ

Don’t worry if you have questions about Reyna; it’s normal since she’s a great agent; however, we understand there are some questions left unanswered and some doubts lingering Check out these frequently asked questions about the agent:

Is Valorant’s Reyna Hard To Master?

Reyna is an excellent choice for beginners and more experienced players alike since her kit is easy to understand and will be able to carry a team or solo queue at some level of rank. She’s not the most straightforward agent in the game, but she's easy enough to master.

How To Unlock Reyna on Valorant?

There are two ways you can unlock Reyna: you can activate Reyna’s Contract or pick her as one of the two free agents you can choose. Either way, you will be able to play with her.

Valorant Reyna Summary

Reyna is an outstanding agent who will bring some advantage to your team during matches; no matter if you're attacking or defending, she is a must-pick if you master her kit. However, don’t just focus on learning how to play one agent, so don’t forget to look at our blog section for more guides like this. Likewise, if you need a Valorant account with most agents and a good rank, say no more to buy a Valorant account with us. Whatever you decide, we will see you soon with another guide!

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