Sage Valorant - More Than a Healer

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The Ice Queen has hit Valorant, allowing players to bend their enemies to their will with her insane kit, and the endless possibilities that come with it in matches. Sage is a healer, but she can do much more than help her teammates or herself. It’s important to know how to play Sage in Valorant because she's an agent that can lead you and your team to some incredible wins in every game mode. So, get your keyboard ready; it's time to master her full potential.

Sage Abilities In Valorant

Sage is an agent for players who not only want to get into the heart of the fight but also want to bring support to the team. Sage in Valorant will provide setups that allow for the exploration of many possibilities during matches; not to mention her multitasking ability to take a hit and heal her teammates. Whether caring for an injured comrade or reviving a fallen soldier, this girl's got it all. So, let's dive into her kit!

Barrier Orb (C)

This ability allows Sage to place down a solid wall of ice. Once you buy and equip the orb, you can rotate the wall as you please before placing it; once you activate this ability, you won’t move the barrier after using the ability. This barrier has four segments with 800 health each, which breaks individually. This ability costs 400 points, and its duration is about 30 seconds, so you must think about where and when to place to block the path and delay the enemy agents. Also, it’s a great way to block entry points to your team and force the enemies to break it or move around.

Slow Orb (Q)

Sage in Valorant has another trick: she can slow down enemy agents by hitting a location close to them using her Slow Orb. You can throw this orb in any direction, and it will bounce walls until it hits the ground; when this happens, it will activate a lingering field that will slow down all enemies in the area of effect. It’s an excellent tool to delay attacks, and it’s even better if you can stack one on another Slow Orb. This will create a long-lasting effect. You can throw this orb to great distances, giving an advantage for positioning. It costs 200 points, and lasts for a duration of 7 seconds. The affected enemy agents will get a Movement Slow decrease of 50% and Jump Height Reduction of 30%.

Healing Orb (E)

This ability is why Valorant’s Sage is considered a Healer. It is the star of all her abilities since you can use it on teammates or yourself. However, to cure a teammate, they must be within range for you to successfully provide the effects of Healing Orb to them. You should press the Primary Fire button to heal your teammates, but you have to use Secondary Fire for yourself. This ability has a duration of 5 seconds on allies and 10 seconds on yourself; however, you will heal 100 HP for your allies and 30 HP on you, but it will be distributed on the time of duration, so it means 20 HP per second on allies and 3 HP per second on Sage. It’s important to note the healing will stop for two seconds if you or your teammate get hit and then will resume. Heal Orb has a cooldown of 45 seconds, so be aware of this.

Resurrection (X)

Sage’s ultimate is similar to necromancy because she can resurrect a teammate who was taken down. However, this ability has a downside; while reviving a teammate, you will be completely exposed for 3.3 seconds since that is the animation’s time. You will see how Sage creates a brief channel to bring her teammates back to life. This is the strongest ultimate in-game since it can change the course of a match by simply using it. It has a cost of 8 Ultimate Points.

Sage In Valorant Guide: Tips & Tricks

Playing Sage can be tricky because of all the possibilities you can reach when you master her and her kit. However, if you want to start using her, it’s essential to understand when and where to use her abilities. Of course, positioning and aim are a big part of the game, so it’s a must to practice those as well.

In any case, you must understand if you hear steps or shots, it’s not a necessity to use your abilities. It’s a common mistake for new players to use Sage’s abilities as soon as they hear the slightest move in the game. If you use them this way, you will uncover your position, and you will barely delay the enemies. This will result in an easy push from them, and you won’t have your Barrier Orb and Slow Orb with you. The best way to avoid wasting your abilities is to see if your enemies are committing or faking. If it’s the second option, just move and wait for a better moment. Still, you can place a deeper wall to have time to rotate or to form with your team.

Another great tip is to use your Healing Orb on your teammates; of course, Sage in Valorant will turn the tables quickly by simply using her abilities, so it’s better to heal your allies than yourself. This may sound complicated, but the ability will heal your teammates faster and keep them alive for another fight. Moreover, try to heal them after a fight because if they get hit in-battle while healing, the healing will stop and resume after 2 seconds. This is not a written-in-stone rule; you can heal yourself if you are the one who needs to heal the most.

Valorant Sage’s Barrier Orb is not just an ability to hold your enemies off; it has more uses, like creating angles to get early picks. In other words, you can use this wall to defend by placing it to slow down the enemy’s advance or to rotate, using it offensively to create a cover to find a perfect angle that isn’t on the map. Undoubtedly, the enemy agents won’t expect something like this, and you will have an advantageous position to get a free kill or two. Another great way to use the Barrier is on top of boxes or in elevated areas, ledges, and cheeky corners.

Sage has the strongest ultimate in-game, so don’t be afraid to use it. It’s a must when you have a chance. This ability will resurrect a teammate's full health but without shields or their last purchased weapon. Of course, you shouldn’t overextend yourself to revive a teammate, but if you have an opportunity, take it. Of course, you will spend several seconds reviving, but it will be worth the time if you use it well. A great tip to use Resurrection is by placing a barrier first, then proceeding to revive your teammate. Best of all, you can revive from 6 meters away maximum, giving you space to do it safely.

Sage In Valorant FAQ

Sage is a great agent and one of the most beloved ones in the community and competitive scene, so it’s normal that you have some questions about her; so, let’s answer those.

How Much Does Sage Heal In Valorant?

Sage’s healing suffered some changes in recent updates; right now, if you heal a teammate, it will do it to 100 HP if they don’t get hit when the ability is in action. If you heal yourself, you can only expect to recover 30 HP over 10 seconds and that’s if you don’t take a hit.

Can You Get Sage’s Buff in Valorant?

Sage does not give buffs from her kit, so you won’t expect to get extra buffs outside of healing and resurrecting at certain times and situations.

Valorant’s Sage Conclusion

Even after many long matches with Sage in Valorant on your team, there's always room to improve your skills. Her potential, coupled with the endless in-game possibilities can offer you excellent opportunities in matches; so ensure you don't slack on mastering her kit! Valorant has several great agents, and we have some other guides like this to help you improve match after match; check out our Reyna Valorant guide in our blog section. Moreover, you can buy Valorant accounts on our page to get those rare skins and well-trained agents faster. That’s all for today’s blog, so see you soon in another Valorant guide.

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