What is Fortnite: Save the World?

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Save the World (StW) is a game mode for the hugely popular Fortnite. This single-player and co-op game mode combines various elements, including base building, defense, and third-person PvE action. Undeniably boosted by the success of the more famous Battle Royale game mode, Save the World is still a hugely popular game, with lots of content and unlockables for players to enjoy.

Epic Games, the accomplished developers behind famous games like Unreal and Gears of War, released Fortnite in 2017, initially in an early access mode. Save the World was originally the only part of Fortnite, with Battle Royale and the Creative mode coming shortly after. In this article, we’ll discuss StW and see what the future holds for it.

How Much Is Fortnite: Save the World?

While you can download Fortnite for free, only the Battle Royale game mode is free. Save the World has a one-off payment to gain access to it. Initially, you could purchase founders packs that varied in cost and rewards, but these were discontinued in 2020. The Full Clip Pack is currently the best option, priced around $15.99, although this will vary from region to region. Regular offers and different packs become available for Save the World, so we recommend checking out the Epic store and other third-party sites before purchasing.

How to Play Save the World in Fortnite?

The first thing to note is that despite StW offering a single-play mode, you will need an active internet connection to play it. This requirement is likely because you can receive valuable items and currency in-game, so Epic needs to ensure people don’t cheat this system. After you launch Fortnite, you can select Save the World from the discovery menu. This replaced the earlier game mode menu, which appeared on launch. If you wish to leave StW at any time to change modes, you can either close the game and restart it or navigate to the menu again.

Fortnite: Save the World Gameplay

Most people will be familiar with the Battle Royale segment of Fortnite, but StW is a fully fleshed-out gaming experience in its own right. StW is set in a world after the storm started destroying the earth. With the storm comes humanoid creatures, often called husks, that you must constantly defeat in combat to progress. You can play alone or in co-op mode with up to three other players. You control a hero and commander of a storm shield, a powerful shield that repels the harmful effects of the storm.

Hero Loadout

As the commander, you can control different heroes within the hero loadout menu. This menu allows you to build a team of your hero, support, and defense characters. You can add bonuses to the team members, which are earned in-game. The heroes are separated into four categories, offering different playstyles and customization options. Soldiers are the primary combat type, vital to any team's success. You’ll have significant firepower to push back oncoming enemies as a soldier. Outlanders are good at finding resources, which is helpful if you want to collect Fortnite items. Next up are Ninjas, which are similar to soldiers but are melee-focussed. The final class is Constructor, which is integral to StW. This class of hero builds and defends the base, forts, and other structures.

Schematics in Fortnite: Save the World

Schematics are used to craft weapons and traps needed to defeat increasingly more powerful enemies. They work like instructions or blueprints, giving the required information and detail to craft specific items. You can purchase schematics from the llama shop with X-Ray Tickets, the currency of StW, or receive them from in-game drops. Different rarity levels of schematics are available, from common to legendary, much like the BR outfit system.


Another way players progress through StW is via the research tree. As you play StW, you’ll receive research points, which are used to unlock various features in the skill tree. This is a time-based mechanic, meaning you’ll receive a set amount of points per hour. Similarly, there was a skill tree that could be used to improve the different classes, but this was replaced by upgrades.

Fortnite: Save the World Quests

The storyline of Save the World is told primarily through quests. The main quests of StW take place across four areas: Stonewood, Plankerton, Canny Valley, and Twine Peaks. There are different mission styles, utilizing various class-based skills. In some quests, you’ll build or repair structures such as a radar grid; in others, you must rescue survivors. Epic constantly adds quests to Save the World: Fortnite, building on the story and giving players more reasons to return. You can also earn V-Bucks when playing the daily quests, which you can use in all game modes to unlock skins and outfits. V-Bucks usually cost real money, so this is a significant advantage to owning Save the World.

The Future

Save the World’s popularity has somewhat dwindled in recent years, with Battle Royale and the more recent creative mode hosting the majority of players. However, Epic updates the game mode with regular content and item additions. There is also no word on whether StW will ever be added to the Nintendo Switch release of Fortnite, but we will let you know if there is any news on that front.

Buy Fortnite: Save the World Accounts

StW has a long story, with many unlockable schematics and items. Unlocking all of the exciting features can take a lot of time and effort, so you may choose to purchase a Fortnite account. Fortunately, we have a huge Fortnite store, full to the brim with impressive and stacked accounts. You can use filters and the sort-by tool to find your dream account. Make sure to read the account descriptions also. We have many accounts with founders packs and skins like the Black Knight, which can’t be purchased via Epic anymore. If you have any questions about any of the accounts we sell, please contact our live chat support team via the button at the bottom right of any page. Our team is knowledgeable and friendly, and we look forward to helping you.


When did Fortnite: Save the World come out?

Save the World (StW) was the first game mode released in early access as part of the full Fortnite game in 2017. Early players could access it via the Fortnite founders packs, although these are no longer available.

How to buy Save the World?

The original way to purchase StW, via the Fortnite founders packs, was discontinued in 2020. However, you can still purchase Save the World through the Epic Games store or from a third-party site and redeem the Fortnite Save the World code.

Can you complete Save the World?

The story of Fortnite: StW is continually evolving, with new updates coming each season. Whether the story will eventually end one day remains to be seen. Aside from the main story quests, there are also daily quests to keep players occupied, rewarding you with V-Bucks and X-Ray Tickets, which you can use to purchase items and outfits.

Is Save the World still being updated?

Save the World still receives regular updates from its developers, Epic Games. Although it isn’t as popular as it was upon release, it still has a large player base. Another reason people play is the potential to receive V-Bucks, which can be used in the other game modes to purchase skins and outfits.

Save the World: Conclusion

StW is an enjoyable game mode with many hours of gameplay and an enthralling story. The game still receives regular updates, with lots of new areas, items, and more to get your teeth into. It’s fair to say Epic Games’ main focus is on the more popular Battle Royal, but they haven’t completely abandoned the original game mode. Furthermore, it’s a nice change of pace from BR, mainly as players can build bases without them being instantly destroyed by the opposition. It will be interesting to see whether Epic ever brings a conclusion to the Save the World story, but however long it goes on for, we’re here for the ride!

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