Sell LoL Accounts

Posted 1 year ago
Sell LoL Accounts

Sell LoL Account

Are you looking to sell your League of Legends account? You've come to the right place! In this article, we will discuss the process and fine details of selling your account. Whilst we operating our own account selling and buying services, this article will provide a comprehensive overview and provide the benefits of using a 3rd-party service, as they clearly exist and are popular for a reason.

Whether you're looking to sell your main because you're quitting and have moved on, or if you've got a few accounts you make for sale or have accumulated, this article has you covered!

What account types are desired? How is the value calculated?

Simply put, all accounts are desired. Regardless of the rank, there are always people who are going to want smurf accounts or who desire to play with their friends. There's also a global player base and customer-base, so any region is perfectly acceptable. Even accounts that are leveled but unranked can be sold, because people will want to get a rank for themselves on an account with everything unlocked and ready to go, after having a lower-ranked main due to being new to the game and inexperienced.

The more skins, items, champions and the more overall IP (Rune Essence/Riot Points) you have, the better. However, if these are common items, do realize you will get close to retail value but not retail value for the skins, in regards to valuation. Nobody will purchase a $20 store skin for $22 (as they'd purchase it from the store for $20). You're more likely to get $15-18 for it. However, this accumulates with all skins and you will get higher value for other factors still, such as the level of the account and the rank of the account, everything plays a factor. If you are quitting the game, then you may as well cash-out rather than having a high-value account that you will never play on or have any use for whatsoever!

Any rare champion skins will certainly increase the value. League of Legends is still very much a popular game and one of the most widely played games internationally. If you have a skin that can no longer be obtained or is very tough to obtain or come across, the value of your account will be very high. For example, there are skins that you can only get from being a beta-tester that can be worth hundreds or potentially even thousands depending on the market value and all factors.

So, in summary, your account's value is derived from countless factors. That's why if you are looking to sell your account, you need to provide all the details so an accurate price can be estimated. Our team will review your account, free of charge, and provide you with a quote within 24 hours!

Should I sell my account myself?

You certainly are able to. Should you though? A vast majority of users report very negative experiences and have nightmare stories when they try to sell LoL accounts themselves.

Scam and fraud are rampant if you do not have experience in the field, you can easily fall for it. For example, buyers are almost always sided with through PayPal and customers can easily chargeback you and without experience in handling disputes, PayPal will side with the buyer. From there, you basically are unable to recover your League of Legends account because the associated email has been changed and their system has pretty much zero support in terms of account recoveries for the original owner. You've been paid nothing and they've stolen your account, probably to resell for themselves. Moreover, this is just one type of fraud that can occur, there are many more tricks people can try to pull on you, such as credit card fraud - and again, you will be the one left footing the bill.

How should I sell my account?

We highly recommend selling your League account through a service like ours. There are many benefits that make it worthwhile and explain why it is the popular choice.

To start off with, you get paid instantly. If you were to sell your account yourself, you have no reputation and could have to wait weeks to even receive initial correspondence from a buyer. Going through us, we will buy the account from you and list it ourselves. This means you get paid in the method you want, such as Paypal/Skrill and have little to no delay. We will offer you a free quote within 24 hours after evaluating your account (you simply tell us what the account offers). After this, should you accept our offer, you would provide the account information and once we verify and secure the account, you will be paid through your preferred choice.

A company like ours has thousands of external vouches/testimonials and years of experience in the industry of buying and selling accounts across many games. Any scam that occurs would ruin the company's entire image and branding as 3rd party websites cannot have their reviews altered. You can read our reviews yourself by simply doing your own research and you will realize we are a reputable business. A scammer looking to buy your account on some random forum though? They will simply make a new forum account and rinse and repeat to another victim.

With the aforementioned in mind, you can rest assured no payment scam will occur with chargebacks or credit card fraud. You also will not have to wait for a lengthy period. And even if you wait weeks, you may not have an account sale without prior vouches as scams are such an issue that people will refuse to do business with you.

Another place you could sell your account is over on a digital forum such as


If you're looking to sell LoL accounts, it can be a lengthy and difficult process. We hope that the article has been informative and useful to you. Should you wish to sell an account through us, please feel free to contact our 24/7 support through live chat or support ticket at any time, at no cost.

Good luck with your sale!

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