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Sell Runescape Accounts Instantly

Posted 1 year ago
Sell Runescape Accounts Instantly

Sell RuneScape Accounts Instantly with Accountkings

Looking for a place to sell RuneScape accounts? Accountkings is the largest account marketplace in the world with 24/7 support, NA based, SSL secured and with tried and proven methods to keep your account and your payment for it safe. There is no better website on the planet to sell RuneScape accounts to.

How to Sell RuneScape accounts

You probably wondering how to sell your RuneScape account; well it's quite simple! All you need to do is visit; or to start the selling process, enter the information on the form and upon submission, you will receive an offer for your RuneScape account within 24 hours! We will either offer to list your RuneScape account on our website marketplace or we can offer instant payment to your PayPal account at a decreased rate. Our support is friendly and always willing to assist you no matter what sort of difficulties u may be experiencing!

Getting Paid when Selling RuneScape accounts

Once your account has been issued an offer, once you accept it to be listed or for instant payment; we will request details and ID verification to verify you’re a legitimate seller; if you cannot complete verification we will not be able to sell your RuneScape account. If you are however; the requirements to sell are simple as can be; a verified PayPal account! That's it! Accountkings make the process of selling RuneScape accounts that easy; which is why we are the largest account marketplace in the world 2 years running! What are you waiting for? You can sell your RuneScape account whether it's OSRS or RS3 to us right now and get an offer in as little as 24 hours!

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