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Wrath Classic Ulduar Raid Patch Recap

Posted 1 month ago

We welcome you to another AccountKings blog featuring the Phase 2 updates and info on the much-loved Ulduar Raid. For more blogs and WoW updates, please check our blog site.

WoW Classic Phase 2

The long-awaited Phase 2, featuring various novelties and a refurbished Ulduar Raid, is here! Players will get to experience Arena Season 6, the Argent Tournament, updates to Raid and Dungeon Emblems, Titan Runes, and a new Vault of Archavon Boss.

All these are amazing, but everyone is reluctant to try out one of the finest Classic WoW raids, Ulduar. Released to the public on the 19th of the past month, the raid introduces various novelties, which we will share below. To recap, Ulduar is a compound north of The Storm Peaks, home to 14 bosses divided into four tiers, each featuring a Hard Mode.

So without further ado, let’s check out what Blizzard brought to us with the WoW Ulduar patch!

Ulduar Raid Patch: New Boss

The Vault of Archavon raid will see a new face, Emalon, the Storm Watcher boss! The boss will reside in the east wing of the vault. All players who slay the boss will be awarded items from the Ulduar WoW raid set. Moreover, the 10-player difficulty will give players ‘Deadly Gladiator’ loot, and the 25-player difficulty will grant players ‘Furious Gladiator’ loot.

Ulduar Raid: New Emblems

Players will be awarded the Emblem of Conquest after completing ‘Proof of Demise’ daily quests. These can also be acquired after defeating all Ulduar bosses. Furthermore, Emblems of Valor are also introduced. These can be acquired from ‘Timear Foresees’ daily quests or by slaying Heroic dungeon bosses. Finally, Heroic dungeon bosses do not yield Emblems of Heroism.

All emblems can be traded for gold with the money changer Usuri Brightcoin. Emblems of Conquest can be sold for raid sets, various armor pieces, and Deadly Gladiator sets in The Silver Enclave or Sunreaver’s Sanctuary.

Ulduar Raid Patch: Join the Argent Tournament

Answer the Argent Crusade’s call and take part in the tournament among the bravest heroes of all Azeroth. The tournament is organized to gather champions who will take the fight to the Lich King himself.

The Argent Tournament will take place at the Icecrown region, but there is only a daily quest hub currently, as the tournament setting is still being constructed. Icecrown is home to Arthas, a corrupt knight known as the Lich King. The Lich King resides in the Icecrown Citadel, where he controls the undead Scourge set to dominate all of Azeroth.

Ulduar Raid: Season 6 Arena

Starting on January 17, Season 6 will yield more lucrative rewards. Those with adequate scores will be able to grab the Frost Wyrm mount along with the ‘Furious Gladiator’ title. Season 5 prizes will be available for taking without any rating prerequisites and for adjusted prices.

Ulduar Raid Patch: Titan Relics

Players embarking on level 80 Heroic dungeons will encounter Titan Relics near the entrances. Interacting with the Titan Relic will buff the health pool and damage of all monsters within the dungeon. In addition, these more challenging foes will drop loot from 10-player Phase 1 WoW Classic raids: The Obsidian Sanctum, Naxxramas, and Eye of Eternity.

Ulduar Raid: Ulduar updates

This time, the raid item levels will be increased to prolong their usefulness once future content arrives. Furthermore, the Ulduar WotLK raid will see the return of bosses pre-nerfs, ensuring they push players to their limits.

Ulduar Raid Patch: Quick Rundown

As mentioned above, Ulduar is a titan facility in The Storm Peaks, in the Northrend region. The compound is actually a prison for the most dangerous beings in Azeroth, holding 14 bosses, including Yogg-Saron. The raid features a number of teleports for players to easily navigate the compound as the area is expansive.

For completing Ulduar, players will receive Tier 8 gear sets and Conqueror’s Tier 8 sets for completing the 25-player version. Bosses are discovered along the way, and a good number are optional to defeat; however, each drops Fragments of Val’anyr, which are used to acquire the legendary weapon Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings. The raid can be played in normal and Heroic modes.

When did Ulduar come out?

Raid Ulduar was first introduced to WoW Classic in April 2009, intended to overtake the Naxxramas raid in terms of difficulty. The second time around, Ulduar was released with the Secrets of Ulduar patch on January 16, this year. However, the raid was released to the public three days later, meaning players can try their luck at the raid already!

How to get to Ulduar?

The best way to gain entry to the raid is to take the Ulduar flight path to Storm Peaks, which also must be used to get to the Halls of Lightning and Stone. From here, flying slightly to the northwest will bring players to the Ulduar raid entrance. Players should use the flight path from their faction’s headquarters, Orgrimmar or Stormwind.

Ulduar WoW Boss list

The following 14 bosses are shown in order of appearance as players progress through the WoW Classic raid:

· Flame Leviathan

· Ignis the Furnace Master

· Razorscale

· XT-002 Deconstructor

· The Assembly of Iron

· Kologarn

· Auriaya

· Freya

· Thorim

· Mimiron

· Hodir

· General Vezax

· Algalon the Observer

· Yogg-Saron

Ulduar raid achievements

The following are achievements obtained for completing the raid:

· Dwarfageddon

· Unbroken

· Three Car Garage

· Take out those Turrets

· Glory of the Ulduar Raider

Ulduar mounts

The first two mounts are awarded for acquiring the Glory of the Ulduar Raider achievement, which consists of 14 achievements. Mimiron's Head Mount has a percentage chance to drop after defeating Yogg-Saron.

· Iron Bound Proto-Drake

· Rusted Proto-Drakee

· Mimiron's Head Mount

Wrapping up the Ulduar raid blog

Thank you for taking the time to read through yet another AccountKings blog! We hope you found this blog informative, and for other similar ones, please check our blog site. Also, should you find interest in WoW accounts, we offer a wide selection of premium accounts for sale!

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