All you need to know about Valkyrie Apex Legends

Posted 9 months ago

Introduction to Valkyrie Apex Legends

Valkyrie is the 17th legend, the daughter of Viper. She is a powerful recon released in season 9. In addition, she is also an ariel-based legend; we will explore how she uses this momentarily. If you are wondering how to get Valkyrie in Apex legends, you could’ve bought her from the Valkyrie Apex Legends launch bundle, or she can be purchased using digital currency - either 12,000 legend tokens or 750 Apex Coins. Her real name is Kahiri Imahara - a high-flying combatant outfitted with a jetpack built from parts of a salvage titan. This article will explore everything from Valkyrie's lore to her abilities and the best way to use them.


As we mentioned before, Apex Legends season 9 Valkyrie is the daughter of Viper; he was a titan-controlling pilot. He is one of the main antagonists in Titanfall 2, where you, as the player, actually have to kill him. As a child, she always wanted to be a pilot - even to the extent of stealing her father's titan and almost getting killed. She was luckily saved by her father, who came to the rescue. Her father taught her how to pilot the titan, although one day, he left for a mission and never returned.

Valkyrie blames her dad's death on his commander - Kuben Blisk. But, mainly because he was the one who sent her dad on the mission in the first place, she successfully tracks him down a while later, sparing him because he talked highly of her father.

It was at this point that she decided to join the Apex Games. In preparation for this, she has Rampart transform her father's titan into a jetpack. This gives her unique abilities that we will explore. She has many catchphrases that refer to her father, one being "I own the sky," which her father used to say - you might also be wondering who voices Valkyrie in Apex Legends; this would be Erika Ishii.

Valkyrie Apex Legends Abilities

Valkyrie Apex Legend’s passive is the VTOL Jet, which allows her to fly at a decent speed and high distance. In the settings, you can choose between toggle and hold for this ability; it's worth trying out both, so you know which you prefer. This is very useful as she can get to most places that other legends cannot quite easily, making her incredibly versatile. You can shoot or heal while flying with the jets, so they are not meant to be aggressive; you can't just fly into someone's face and challenge them. Instead, they are most useful when you want to get to the high ground quickly. The jets cannot be used infinitely; they do take a while to recharge between bursts. It is also important to note that because she is a recon character, she has the ability to scan beacons to find the next ring location.

Valkyrie Apex Legend’s tactical ability is Missile Swarm. This ability allows her to shoot a cluster of missiles into an area, doing a little bit of damage and stunning all enemies caught in the blast. It has an extremely long range and is not hard to aim. Additionally, because it is explosive, it also can blow up doors. This is the only ability you can use while flying. Enemies will see where the blast radius is before the missiles land, so they will have time to dodge them. However, this is very useful for forcing enemies to leave an area so you can get a better vantage point - because if they don't leave, they risk getting stunned or killed. A few other important notes are that you can't use this tactical when the ceiling is too low, and you can get hurt if you are too close to the blast.

For the last of Apex Legends Valkyrie abilities, her ultimate is Skyward Dive; this ability launches you and any attached teammate into the air to act as a redeploy. While dropping into the new area, you scan every enemy, and they become visible to your teammates, even appearing briefly as little red arrows on the minimap. This makes her the best legend for safe rotations - your team will almost never die in the ring if you play as her. This ultimate is good for offensive plays, too, as you can drop right onto an enemy while scanning them for your teammates, and if you are behind, you can boost to catch up. The ability will cancel if you are shot, so don't do it in the open.

How to use Apex Valkyrie

Valkyrie Apex Legend’s biggest asset is her jets; they offer good mobility and a decent increase in speed when used in small bursts; this allows you to get out of tricky situations and get into beneficial locations. However, you can't just fly into an enemy with her; she benefits most from a good team composition that can protect and support her. In addition, her jets allow her to cross gaps that most legends can't, so she can do unique rotations, some even going under the map. Most of the time, this is impractical as your teammates cannot join you - but if you have their banners and need to leave quickly, it's perfect.

When you use your ultimate and your teammates attack, they cannot leave, so make sure you are safe before doing so, and if there is a jump tower nearby, use that rather than wasting your ultimate for trivial rotations.

Closing Off

Apart from the awesome Valkyrie Apex Legends skins, she is an excellent addition to Apex; she offers increased vertical mobility and exciting lore for Titanfall and Apex Legends lovers alike. She might be a little tricky to play for new players; however, once you get used to her jets and unique movement, it's really fun to play with her. Despite her lack of overly aggressive abilities, players often rack up high-kill games with her - especially when supported by a group of supporting teammates.

If you are not yet acquainted with Apex Valkyrie, we recommend trying her out at least. It is beneficial to master her as one of the legends because if you do, she always provides spectacularly fun gameplay. We hope this article helped you on your Apex journey - Good luck!

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