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Valorant Beginner's Guide 2022

Posted 1 month ago

Valorant is a first-person shooter developed by Riot Games, but unlike Call of Duty or Overwatch, Valorant's playstyle and feel is very similar to Counter-Strike. Players have to rely on their ability to land headshots, as such precision is most effective in this type of game. Teamwork is crucial; learning to rely on your teammates’ roles and play off of them is essential for securing round victories.

All of the above leads to situational awareness which is a must for becoming an all-around Valorant player. The game itself is fairly easy to pick up, but mastering it will take some time. Valorant beginner’s guide will answer all your questions so grab yourself a beverage and tuck in.

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Valorant Beginner's Guide 2022: What should a new player do?

It is important to first understand the basics of Valorant and what an average game looks like. To begin with, an average Valorant game is divided into 24 rounds and is based on Search and Destroy mode in Call of Duty or Counter-Strike. This means that players get one life per round and switch between the Attackers looking to plant the bomb and the Defenders trying to protect the points of interest from getting destroyed.

After the first 12 rounds, the two teams swap roles, with the attackers taking on the role of the defenders. On the map, there are a number of bomb sites where the attackers' purpose is to plant Spike, the bomb. If the Spike is already planted, the defenders must defuse it. In case the attackers have not yet placed Spike, defenders must prevent them from planting it. As there are no respawns during a round, either team can win a round by eliminating the other team.

There are two teams of five players in each match. Before you begin your first round, you will have to choose from a group of Agents, each with their role and set of unique skills designed to work together to ensure a win. Each Agent can only be used by one side at a time. Matches are divided into rounds, and the winner is the side that wins 13 rounds first.

Valorant offers four role options with its respective Agents; Duelist, Initiator, Sentinel, and Controller. A Duelist is an Agent that engages in fights first and has strong 1v1 potential. They generally push in front of the team and distract enemies for their team to get into position. Initiator’s role is to gather intel on a site and crowd-control, allowing their team members to take on fights easier and push the defenders back.

Sentinels are particularly good at securing and locking down areas either to prevent enemies from flanking or to go for flanks. They are most effective when defending sites as they can slow a push and retake map control. The Controller’s role is to set up traps and smokes for their team to safely cross enemy territory and take smart fights. They are very effective for breaching enemy defenses.

Once everyone’s Agents have been locked in, the match will begin with a random map. First, players have to choose to either be an Attacker or a Defender, but can change sides throughout the match. Afterward, the first round will commence and players must make their way through the Buy Phase, which allows them to acquire weapons and abilities. When it comes to winning, a huge part of it comes down to what players opt to buy.

All players will get money called Creds at the start of each round that can be spent on weapons, armor, and abilities during the Buy Phase. Players are awarded Creds based on their performance in the previous round. For example, planting the Spike, getting a kill, and winning or losing a round will all earn you additional Creds. It is recommended to base weapon and ability combinations on your style for the most favorable outcome.

Valorant Beginner's Guide: Who is the easiest Agent in Valorant?

As one would imagine, there are easy-to-learn Agents and those that require a significant time investment to get the hang of. We have come up with our top three Agent choices for beginners. These are chosen as they are relatively straightforward and can be mastered in a short time frame.

As a support character that is both simple to play and incredibly helpful, Sage is a fantastic addition to any team. When Sage is injured, she possesses a healing ability that can either heal herself or one of her allies. When used in conjunction with the slow orb, the wall ability can provide enough time to wait for help. Sage is generally a good choice for newbies who will die a lot and have to rely on the team to carry them.

The next Agent is Brimstone as he is an excellent choice for Valorant newbies because his smokes are simple to use and can be deployed in more numbers at once. Smoke and stim beacons can be used both to help the team and escape unfavorable situations making him ideal for beginners.

The final one, but not the least important, is Jett. When it comes to dueling, Jett's kit is simple, making it easier for beginners to learn. As a mobile character, Jett is able to position himself in a variety of ways, making it easy to catch enemies off guard. Additionally, Jett has a dash that she may use to escape out of tight spots, making her an excellent choice for rookie players who are prone to making positioning mistakes.

Valorant Beginner's Guide 2022: Which gun is best for newbies?

There is no ideal weapon for beginners as most have their advantages and disadvantages. We recommend testing all weapons to find the one which suits your playstyle. Regardless, we have come up with a few weapon options that can be potentially good for beginners to try on.

Ghost is a decent handgun to use in the beginning. Precision and headshots can be learned with this pistol as it deals 105 damage to the head. In a deathmatch, players can practice against guys with machine guns and rifles. No firepower can out damage good accuracy, and with the Ghost, players can one-shot any enemy. If you lose the first round and want to save up cash, the Ghost is an excellent choice that can handle most encounters.

As a beginner, you cannot go wrong with the Judge. Because of its wide range, this weapon does not require to be precise all the time. The only problem is that from afar, it is quite difficult to get a kill. As a rookie, practice using the Judge in short-range fights and lead your team's assault by rushing in first.

Those who are fresh to the game will appreciate the Ares' spray. Similar to the Judge, Ares’ wide range is excellent for landing shots, however, it is also a decent long-range weapon making it a fantastic choice for those wanting to learn short and long-range playstyles.

The Marshall is a cheap sniper option that has a fast reload time, so even if you miss your shots, you still have a chance to retaliate. It is recommended to scour the map for good sniper locations to hold. Shooting the body is simple to do, but getting some head shots can help you gain confidence faster.

Valorant Beginner's Guide: Can a beginner play Valorant?

It would be ideal to have some prior experience with FPS games, Counter-Strike in particular, as Valorant resembles it very much. Learning the basics should not be hard however aiming, learning when to run or listen for footsteps, and strategizing takes time to master. The following section of this Valorant Beginner's Guide 2022 is dedicated to tips for beginners that should give you a better understanding of how to approach certain game elements and what to look out for.

Valorant Beginner’s Guide 2022: Newcomer tips

· Walk instead of running

An opponent can hear your footsteps whenever you run normally. You can see how far the sound of your footsteps travels with a little circle on your minimap. Holding Shift while walking is best when on unknown territory. If you need to shoot, walking will reduce recoil and allow you to sneak up on enemies easier. Make sure to only run when you are certain that no enemies are around you, your position is compromised, or when you have to rush a site or escape. You can also switch to your knife when running to be slightly faster.

· Stop and shoot

Running and shooting is not recommended as your accuracy will significantly fall off, therefore you should avoid it whenever possible. Instead, try to stop before shooting for maximum accuracy. The crosshair shrinking or expanding is a good indicator of how accurate your shots will be. When walking, your initial few shots will be precise as though you were standing still, but after a few shots, your aim will begin to stray further away from the target than it would if you were not moving.

· Save money

At first, it might be tempting to spend all of your Creds on weapons and abilities before each round. However, this is a bad idea and instead, you should save your Creds for better purchases and synergize with your team. The weapons you finish a round with will be yours, so if a better weapon is dropped, make sure to grab it before the round ends. Also, as long as you do not use any of your abilities, they will carry over to the next round as well as armor that is not destroyed. For each round, you may use voice chat or buttons on the purchase menu to let your teammates know you are saving up.

· Buy armor when you can

Investing in armor is always a good idea. Your 100 HP will make you a glass cannon if you do not have armor with only one or two bullets resulting in death. If you cannot afford both the best weapons and armor, armor should always be prioritized. Two armor types exist; for 400 Creds, you get 25 additional health, and for 1,000 Creds, you get 50 extra health. Both absorb 70% of the damage taken.

· Aim smart

Your aim and shooting will be quicker if you move your mouse less. Make sure to always aim at your opponent’s head height as it is much easier to land a shot when your crosshair is already pointed at their head or close to it. A good way to practice this is to aim at your teammates’ heads before each round. Another useful aim tip is to familiarize yourself with the recoil and rate of fire of each gun. By doing this, you will learn to adapt your aim accordingly and aim faster as result.

The first nine shots of a gun's recoil will cause it to pull downward, so compensate by moving your mouse in the other way. After the 10th bullet, the weapon will move from left to right so be wary of that.

Strafe shooting is your best bet if you are up against an opponent face-to-face with no cover. Strafe shooting involves quickly pressing 'A' and 'D' buttons to move your character left-right-left. Your character will hold still for less than a second at the point right before moving in the opposite direction. During this, you should look to shoot. If you can master crouching and strafe at the same time, you will almost always win a duel.

Avoid jumping and shooting as this will only hinder your kill potential. Only jump when you have to get to cover quickly.

In every first-person shooter, fine-tuning the crosshair is a recommended action. There is no universal crosshair design that suits everyone; it is all about personal preference. Crosshairs can be modified, tweaked, and adjusted to various degrees in Valorant.

Mouse sensitivity is a crucial aspect of aiming and players should look into finding their perfect sensitivity as soon as possible to start adjusting and creating a playstyle around that. Ideally, your mouse sensitivity should be set so that you can turn 180 degrees in a single sweep of the mouse.

· Communication is key

In order to prepare and strategize ahead of time as well as during the match, you need to communicate with your teammates. If you and your teammates do not communicate effectively, you might end up handing the game to your opponents. Talking about strategies after the game is also helpful to point out mistakes and improve on them. During the game, be as specific as possible while calling out locations.

Valorant Beginner’s Guide

We have come to the end of another AccountKings guide. Hopefully, you managed to learn something new and will apply it to your games in the future. If you want to check other guides like this Valorant Beginner’s Guide 2022, make sure to head to our blogs website. Alternatively, if you want to buy or sell Valorant accounts we will gladly offer our services to you and the best possible conditions.

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