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Welcome to one more Adventure in Account Kings blog series. The topic we will touch on today is Valorant Ranks, from how they work to tips and secrets to reach the highest level among all the competitors, so if you have questions like What ranks can play together Valorant? How do you rank up the fastest way? You are in the right place to take you from zero to hero.

What is Valorant?

First of all, Valorant is a free-to-play First-person Shooter game developed and published by Riot Games. The game was first announced under the codename Project A in October 2019. It was released for Microsoft Windows on June 2, 2020, after a closed beta launched on April 7, 2020. The Counterstrike series of tactical shooter video games inspire Valorant and borrows some mechanics, such as the buy menu, spray patterns, and movement precision.

What is the Rank in Valorant?

Like different First Person Shooter (FPS) games, Valorant has a competitive system divided into ranks ranging from Iron to Radiant; these levels not only serve to show off your gamer hierarchy but also have functionality for matchmaking and to level each of the games, either so you do not face a sniper who will not even let you move if you are in amateur levels, or if you are already a pro you are not bored with inexperienced players in the world of Ranks in Valorant.

What are Valorant Acts and Episodes?

Acts are seasons in Valorant. Each Act within Valorant Ranks has a period of two months; during this time, you will be able to improve your rank and track your overall progress. Three acts make up an episode, which means that episodes last approximately six months.

Range in Valorant Ranks

As usual in any ranking system, in this game mode, there are different names for each of the ranks, and these are divided into subcategories that you must overcome to reach the next pillar; these can vary according to the skills that the player has demonstrated throughout their different games, as the system positions you in first place after determining your level at the end of your first encounters and have an idea of your skills, these are:

Iron (1-3)

Bronze (1-3)

Silver (1-3)

Gold (1-3)

Platinum (1-3)

Diamond (1-3)

Ascendant (1-3)

Immortal (1-3)


Although you can sense that there are many categories within the Valorant competitive ranks system, the experience is worth it as it becomes extremely dynamic. You can spend hours playing with no regrets. Most players enter the gold category, and less than 1% will reach Radiant status, as it is only for the top 500 players in each region and you have to be extremely proficient to reach these levels.

Different Types of Ranges in Valorant Ranks

Within the Valorant Ranks, there are different types of levels that provide greater versatility to the ranking system and offer a more varied experience to each player since it is not the same as the general rank you will have as opposed to the seasonal positions that last for a certain period.

Rank: It is a way to measure your skills and make matchmaking as easy as possible based on your skills. As you advance in your adventure, the game will level you up and look for enemies at your level.

Act rank: these ranks will only focus on seasons within the game to measure the player's skills and make this campaign more dynamic as they change in a given period. Players receive rewards according to their performance during the same. The act rank, then, is the rank obtained exclusively in the current act.

Rank Score (RP): Starting with "Episode 2 Act I: Training", Riot Games introduced a new way to measure our process within Valorant, the RP which is a progress bar that shows how far you are from passing to the next rank and only affects players between Iron and Diamond.

As you can see, Riot Games gives us a range of options to have a smoother gaming experience and a better time with our gun in the universe of this FPS. It should be noted that the RR system is also crucial to select your future opponents for matchmaking.

Best Way to Start in Valorant Ranking

Riot Games gave us a peculiar way to start playing our games in the ranks in the Valorant system. They decided that the best way for you to get into this competitive mode is to reach level 20 in your account, and the reasons the company gave were the following:

Familiarize with the characters: each character in Valorant has certain skills and strengths that must be exploited on the battlefield.

Understand the scenarios: like any FPS, getting used to the combat arena is essential. With this, you can understand which positions are better for you, whether an elevated area or hiding behind a wall to hunt down your enemies and catch them by surprise.

Once you obtain the requirements, you will not only be able to enter the Ranks in Valorant, but you will surely have more extensive knowledge and an optimal experience since knowledge is power, and reaching level 20 on your account will give you time to learn in detail the mechanics of the game.

Understanding the Valorant Ranks System

To get a higher rank than the one you have, you will have to get 100 RR points. These points can be obtained after winning games, normally, you will receive between 10 and 50 RR points for winning a game in competitive mode. However, you will also lose a similar amount if you lose the match. This is all you need to understand:

What is MMR?

The Matchmaking Rank is a Matchmaking System that considers the game to level your matches. If you win many matches, Valorant will assume you have a high level of play, making you move up the ranks faster to compete with people of your status, unlike if you lose, as this will regulate you to your competitive level. This feature is not visible to any player.

Differences between MMR vs RR:

As we have explained to you previously, both are systems to categorize how good you are within Valorant Ranks. However, the big difference is that the MMR is designed to level games within the servers, which means you cannot observe it, while the RR system has a more aesthetic purpose so you can brag about your achievements with your friends since it presents both your level and all the achievements you have made in the game.


Within the Ranked Game, when you start in the rankings, Valorant places you on a lower rung, allowing you to demonstrate your true level. If you belong to a higher rank, your RR will show it, gaining more points with wins and losing less with losses. And so, your RR will "converge" with your real MMR.

Competitive Integrity:

If your visible rank is higher than your actual MMR, the system will try to adjust you back. You need to prove that you deserve your position by earning more than players with MMR like yours. So, show your skill and outperform others!

As we mentioned, even though it's not rocket engineering, this system can be a bit of a challenge, but keep in mind that if you win games, Valorant will understand that you are good and will double the experience you can get in the game and if you don't win games, you won't get the bonus mentioned above.

What Ranks Queue Together Valorant?

The Ranks in Valorant have a queue system for matchmaking that works with some restrictions when it comes to queueing with friends in various positions. You have to fulfill some conditions in the classes to be able to play ranked games together.

Five Stack:

This system works when we play with five-person matches (the full team within the game). This game mode does not limit you to play regardless of rank. However, the RR benefits will be lower due to avoiding experience farming if you play with partners of a lower level; for example, if you play with someone of Radiant level, only the minimum will be reduced to t 75% of the RR. In comparison, if you are of this level and play with lower-level partners, you will be reduced by a percentage of 90%.

Four Stack:

In this mode, you cannot all play heat simultaneously and will put one of your teammates, and this will enter as a solo queue player. This mode is not very advisable due to the bad communication that the game may have.

Three or two Stack:

This mode has more level restrictions because if you are trying to play with one or two friends, you must be within a maximum range of three higher-ranked levels to play together. Here's how it breaks down:

Iron and Bronze are allowed to play up to the Silver range.

Silver up to Gold level.

Gold up to Platinum level.

Platinum, Ascendant, Immortal, and Radiant can play with teammates only of a higher level in a duo or with a stack of five; you cannot compete in a group of three.

Always within these competitive modes, the experience of sharing with friends and at what level we can approach to play, either as a team or as rivals destined to fight in the Valorant arena, is essential. Remember that even though these restrictions exist, the experience becomes very fun and competitive.

Tips to Improve Your Valorant Ranking

Once we have understood the different aspects of progress in the Valorant Ranks system, the only thing left to do is to play. Thanks to its competitive nature we give you some tips so you can reach high levels quickly and directly with the right mentality and focus you need for this demanding Valorant rank game mode.

Warm up before playing: Many elite players use this method to enter the game optimally. Before entering a competitive match, it is essential to warm up your skills in modes such as Bots or Deathmatch. This prepares your reflexes and helps to habituate the muscles to the movements of the game.

Understand your role in the game: Not all positions are designed to do a lot of eliminations. It is vital to know the main function of your agent in the game and play that role as well as possible so you can use your character's skills more optimally and follow a more solid strategy with your team.

Communication and leadership: Being a leader in the game (IGL) and communicating constantly with your team can make a big difference in the game's outcome. Coordination is key to excel in the Valorant Ranking.

Avoid Overpeeking: Don't expose yourself unnecessarily to risky situations. Holding a position is often more valuable than trying to get another elimination; you must be patient and analyze your moves.

Keep a positive attitude and encourage good communication: If you see a frustrated teammate, try helping them. A good team atmosphere can turn the tide of a game. The mental game is extremely important at competitive levels, as pressure can motivate or destroy you.

Play as a team: It is preferable to play as a duo or trio rather than alone. This reduces the possibility of having toxic players or trolls in your team and allows you to have better coordination since two heads will always think better than one.

Control tilt (frustration): As we told you, mentality is crucial. Don't let frustration affect your performance in the game. Assume that only some games can be won and focus on improving and enjoying the process.

With these tips, you can have the right mentality to climb in the Valorant competitive ranks like the foam; remember that these are some tips for developing within the game itself, and you can advance quickly and, more importantly, constantly. The competition is tough, but you will stand out with the right focus and dedication.

FAQ: Valorant Ranks

How to Become Radiant in Valorant?

To become a Radiant, more than reaching the regional CR threshold is required; you must also be among the top 500 players in your region.

How to gain ELO in Valorant?

If you want to progress in Valorant, consider players who are better than you. It can be your favorite streamers or real professional games. You can learn a lot just by observing the good choices of high ELO players.

What does 130 mean in Valorant?

This means the amount of damage this person has caused to this character. This is useful because if you know he is at -130, there is no need to risk shooting at the head to kill him, as you can easily shoot at the body, which has a larger hit box.

What weapon is Vandal in Valorant?

Vandal is very similar to the AK-47 from Counterstrike. Therefore, it is a difficult weapon to use, but it has a very strong firing force, and the power stays the same even when traveling a great distance.

Which character is the easiest to use in Valorant ranks?

His ultimate ability, Orbital Strike, can also be performed from a distance and deals a surprising amount of damage. You don't need any additional mechanics to implement any of its capabilities, making it the simplest agent to get started with.

Are You Ready for Valorant Ranks?

In this detailed journey through the Valorant Ranks, we have unraveled everything from the basics of the game to advanced strategies for climbing the ranks. Valorant presents a challenge to even the most skilled players with its diversity of positions and mechanics.

Remember that the most important thing in the competitive world is perseverance and resilience as many players will push you to the limit and only a winning mentality can make you stand out and never give up in this complicated but beautiful world. But what if we told you there was a faster route to experiencing the thrill of the higher ranks? While it is essential to understand and master the game, there is also a shortcut - consider getting a Valorant account already positioned. It's an easy way to dive right into the action at the highest ranks - start your adventure at Valorant's elite levels without waiting and optimize your profile to pro-player levels. Remember to always stay informed; if you need more information like this, you can check out other articles and have the best weapon in life: knowledge!

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