Woods map Escape from Tarkov Guide 2022

Posted 1 year ago

Escape from Tarkov Woods map has been around for a long time and players to this day tend to struggle with navigating the forest. Many points of interest are hidden in the Woods EFT map, like extraction exits, boss locations, and SCAV Sniper locations. It is paramount to learn the lay of the land as there are no landmarks that can help players find these essential map features. Knowing the EFT Woods sectors can help players to pull through raids and achieve favorable results.

You do not want to run into a minefield as soon as you spawn, so we strongly encourage you to stick around untill the end to learn all that is necessary to master the Woods map in Tarkov. Certain extractions have requirements before they can be used and those will be covered in this guide. Furthermore, if you are just starting with the Introduction task, we will feature the location of Jaeger’s camp as well.

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Woods Map in Tarkov

EFT world map is made of 12 locations with the last 4 to be released sometime in the future. The plan is to have all of the maps connected, to form a unified world map. The EFT Woods map serves as a state-protected wildlife reserve part of the North Western Federal District. The Woods map in Tarkov may deceive the player at first, as it is a forest with beautiful scenery, however, it holds two bunkers,minefields and sniper nests waiting to pick off any clueless wanderers.

Extraction points in Escape from Tarkov Woods Map

The Woods map in Tarkov consists of 16 different extraction points located around the edges of the map. The most common one to use is the one at the large pond towards the bottom of the map as it offers multiple extract points and has a landmark to recognize it. The popularity of this location makes it dangerous and also the SCAV boss Shturman is there as well. The best way to find extraction points is to use the compass and consult with the extract point Woods Tarkov map.

The following are all the 16 extraction locations divided into quadrants:

Tarkov Woods map North West quadrant

This quadrant offers 4 extraction locations: Factory Gate, Rauf Roadblock, UN Roadblock, and Old Station, all connected by roads.

EFT Woods map South West quadrant

Similar to the previous one, this quadrant has 4 points for extraction. These are: Cliff Descent, ZB-016, West Border, and South V-Ex. Unfortunately, these are not marked with any landmarks.

Woods EFT map East quadrant

This quadrant allows players to extract on two locations; East Gate and above the ZB-014 bunker. These are connected with roads but can prove difficult to use as those are the only two extraction points in the South East and East quadrants.

Woods Tarkov Map West quadrant

The West of the map holds five extraction zones and therefore, the best quadrant to do so. These extractions are: Dead Man’s Place, Outskirts, The Boat, Outskirts Water, and Scav House.

Before heading to these points for extraction, you should check the requirements they have for extracting. Here is the list of those that have requirements:

· Factory Gate (Co-Op) - Player SCAV and PMC are required.

· RUAF Roadblock- Green flare must be lit in front of the gate.

· Bridge V-Ex – Only four players can use it. Requires payment of 5,000 Roubles per player. Disappears when used.

· ZB-014 - Green flare must be lit inside and players must have the ZB-014 key.

· ZB-016 - Green flare must be lit inside but no key is required.

Hostile foes in EFT Woods map

Woods Tarkov Shturman

Shturman is the SCAV boss located in the Woods map in Tarkov, guarding the sawmill. He is accompanied by two followers and all will try to shoot players at long range. Shturman first fires a couple of warning shots to scare those approaching.

Rogue bosses

Rogue bosses, known as ‘The Goons’, spawn at the SCAV Bunker extraction point in the EFT Woods map, but they can also appear on other maps as well. The Goons consist of three members, Birdeye, Big Pipe, and Knight.

Cultist priest

The Cultist Priest and his followers spawn in the destroyed village east of the SCAV Bridge and near ritual places west of the sawmill. They spawn between 22:00 and 06:00 and can patrol far from their spawn locations.

Woods Tarkov SCAVs and players

Scavengers or SCAVs are AI-controlled characters that spawn at certain locations around the Woods map in Tarkov but are known to roam as well as follow tagged or cursed players. They are generally not dangerous despite being in groups, as they have a specific route they patrol and can be easily picked off.

Players can choose to enter raids as SCAVs, being neutral parties in the war between BEAR and USEC players. SCAVs can stash whatever loot they acquire in the raid, but will not lose any from their main character upon death. They also have a separate character from their main PMC one. SCAV AI’s are not hostile toward player SCAVs but can be betrayed by provoking fights with them.

Escape from Tarkov Woods map guide

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