Insurance Policy

"Insurance" is hereby defined as a product purchased attached to an account purchase on or through its owners or employees.

Insurance is provided to those who wish to purchase more security for their account purchases. Insurance is offered at the checkout page(cart) where you may choose to opt-in or opt-out of our insurance program. Each game has its own separate insurance rates which are determined by Acckings LLC, some games may have a 1% insurance rate and other games may have as high as a 40% insurance rate - These %'s are determined by how often Acckings LLC expects account recovery's for that particular game to occur. Insurance is offered to you and will apply to your final checkout price when purchasing an account. An email change will void your insurance, as you will be taking full ownership of the account.

So what does Insurance do?

Insurance allows you to guarantee yourself the full value of the account back(Minus fees and Insurance payments). This basically means that if you choose to buy an account for $1000 and the insurance rate for that accounts industry is 10%, you will pay $1100 for the insurance and account(+ payment processing fees of 1-3%) and if you choose to purchase insurance - You are entitled to that full $1,000 back - fees(1-3%) if a recovery ever occurs within that period - You will be 100% covered - Your insurance policy will still protect you in the event of recovery, it is HIGHLY recommended that you add insurance to any purchases you make. Our standard warranty without insurance can be found here

What Insurance does not cover:

Insurance does not cover bans, mutes, punishments, lost wealth on accounts, stat damage, champions loss, points loss, gold loss, item loss, name losses, vac-bans and more.

Insurance solely applies to the purchase value of the account - fees(1-3%), it does NOT insure any other damages to your account in any form.

My account got recovered and I had Insurance, what do I do?

Contact our support through email or ticket support and they will walk you through the required process to make an insurance claim, once your claim is determined valid you will be issued a full refund within 24 hours of our decision. reserves the right to suspend/deny all insurance claims that do not provide correct documentation of their claim this is including but not limited to;

-Email communications relating to the account/purchase

-Communications between RIOT, Jagex, Epicgames and other game creators of the games found on that may be requested by

-Passwords/IP/location/Username/other information relating to the account purchase that may help determine if an account recovery occurred

-ID documents, Address documents, utility bills and other verification documents that may be requested by

-Any other form of communications/documents/required pieces of information requests that may be needed to verify an account buyers claim of account recovery versus the seller - If the buyer is unable to provide the requested documents/communications for any reason ; The insurance claim will be suspended/closed in its entirety.

You may read more about what may help you in an insurance claim or hurt you in an insurance claim on our TOS, Refund policy, wealth policy and privacy policy pages located in the bottom right of the websites footer as-well.

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