Wealth Policy

Accountkings wealth policy is as follows;

All wealth contained on accounts that are bought or sold by ACCKINGS is not ACCKINGS liability nor it's associates liability. "Associates" are defined as the owner of the company, it's managers, employees, investors or any party that is otherwise not a "customer". ACCKINGS reserves the right to deny any sale that may contain an abnormal or dangerous level of wealth that could pose dangers to ACCKINGS or it's associates. We ask that all wealth be taken off of accounts before listing them to us for sale. In the case of an account recovery; ACCKINGS and it's associates may not be held liable in any form for "wealth" contained on the account. "Wealth" is defined as anything that may have some form of real world value that can be transferred, stolen, lost or damaged during an account transfer or transfer of ownership. This includes but is not limited to; Gold, currency, items, names, bans, spells, powers, status's, membership, skills, quests, music, skins and more. You agree to this policy when listing an account for sale to ACCKINGS or when making a purchase on Acckings.com. You express a wholehearted agreement to this policy at that time and hereby certify that the action of submitting an account for sale or check marking your agreement to this policy at Acckings checkout represents a binding agreement to this policy. Should any wealth disputes arise, they will be mandated by ACCKINGS staff and must be submitted within 7 business days of the alleged damages. While ACCKINGS bares no liability for wealth or damages; at our managers sole discretion they may choose to issue you a refund for proven damages in the form of SITE CREDIT. That may not be transferred off ACCKINGS.COM. Site credit can be used for products found on Acckings.com and has no real-world value. Should any legal issues arise you must submit a written notice of legal action within (30) business days of the "damages" occurring to your wealth to:

Chicks Gold Inc.

2325 Hurontario St, Suite 362

Mississauga, L5A 4K4, Canada

If a legal notice is not received within (30) business days; you void your right to legal pursuit/arbitration. By issuing a legal notice you agree that regardless of whether it is issued within 30 business days that you will only have the right to binding arbitration, not a trial.

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